Unveiling Eon: Your Premium Passport to Transkribus

At a Glance: Eon Plan Features and Support

The Eon plan stands out as a comprehensive package in Transkribus, designed for extensive access and ease. Subscribers receive full access to all Transkribus features, a custom number of user seats, and a substantial credit allocation starting from 25,000 credits per month. The plan emphasizes user understanding and proficiency through tailored onboarding sessions spanning four weeks, ensuring a deep familiarity with the platform's capabilities. Additionally, a dedicated success manager, regular check-ins, an exhaustive help center, and structured feedback channels underline our commitment to your transcription journey. Eon is more than a plan; it's a partnership for your success, ensuring you harness the full potential of what Transkribus has to offer.

Your benefits

Tailored Onboarding

Dedicated Account & Success Managers

Exclusive Webinars & Material

Premium support

Enhanced Customer Support in the Eon Plan: Dedicated Account Manager and Success Manager

The Eon plan at Transkribus introduces an advanced level of customer support by providing both a Dedicated Account Manager (DAM) and a Dedicated Success Manager (DSM). This dual-approach ensures that every aspect of your experience with Transkribus is optimized for success.

Dedicated Account Manager (DAM): Your Strategic Partner

The role of the DAM is to provide strategic guidance and support. This includes helping you align the use of Transkribus with your organizational goals and objectives. Your DAM is an expert in understanding how Transkribus can be leveraged strategically to enhance your operations. They are there to help you navigate through the broad spectrum of possibilities, ensuring that the application of our technology aligns with your long-term vision. They are your primary contact for advice on best practices, strategic planning, and deriving the most value from your investment in our services.

Dedicated Success Manager (DSM): Your Technical Ally

On the other hand, the DSM focuses on the technical aspects of your experience with Transkribus. This role involves addressing specific technical queries, providing guidance on the functionality of the software, and assisting with any technical challenges you may encounter. The DSM ensures that you are able to utilize all the features of Transkribus effectively, offering detailed insights and solutions for technical matters. They are your go-to expert for in-depth product knowledge, helping you optimize your use of Transkribus from a technical standpoint.

Your DAM and DSM collaborate to provide a seamless experience, ensuring that both the strategic and technical aspects of your transcription journey are covered. This approach not only enhances the effectiveness of the support provided but also ensures a more personalized and responsive customer service experience.

With the Eon plan, you're not just adopting a transcription platform; you're gaining a support system designed to maximize your success at every level – strategically and technically.

Your journey to unlock history - Overview

Step 1: Expert Onboarding

Initiate with a 1-hour introduction, followed by focused sessions over four weeks to fully harness Transkribus's features.

Step 2: Unleash Your Potential

Drive your own discovery, utilizing Transkribus to navigate, decode, and revolutionize your approach to historical materials.

Step 3: Strategic Check-ins

Quarterly meetings focus on your success, ensuring consistent progress and strategic advantage.

Step 1: Onboarding with our experts

Transkribus Onboarding (1 hour)

Embark on your Transkribus journey with a comprehensive onboarding session. Over the course of an hour, familiarize yourself with the platform's capabilities, from basic functionalities to navigating the user interface. Ideal for both beginners and those needing a refresher, this session lays the groundwork for your future exploration and success with Transkribus.

Custom Deep Dive 1 (1 hour)

Delve deeper into the realms of Transkribus with a session completely customized to your project’s demands. This deep dive explores more advanced features or specific workflows critical to your work. From optimizing text recognition to refining your results, empower your project with targeted knowledge and skills.

Custom Deep Dive 2 (1 hour)

Continue your specialized journey in this advanced session, further tailoring the Transkribus experience to your research intricacies. Here, focus sharpens on mastering sophisticated tools, understanding nuanced functionalities, or perhaps integrating Transkribus outputs with other software. Your trajectory is unique, and so is this deep dive.

Q&A Session (1 hour)

Your curiosity and concerns are front and center during this interactive Q&A session. Dedicated to addressing your unique queries, this one-hour dialogue ensures you gain clarity on complex tools, troubleshoot issues you've encountered, and receive expert advice tailored to your specific needs. It's a space for your questions to meet Transkribus insights.

Step 2: Now it's your turn

Start Unlocking with Transkribus

Embark on your advanced transcription journey with the Eon plan at Transkribus. Discover the full potential of our platform at app.transkribus.eu. Experience early access to new features and expert training materials, enhancing your proficiency in digital transcription. Step into the future of document digitization with Transkribus, where innovation meets functionality.

Dedicated Support Channel

Eon plan members have exclusive access to premium support via eon@transkribus.org. Our dedicated support channel ensures your inquiries are addressed swiftly and effectively. For technical questions, feel free to reach out directly to your Dedicated Success Manager, who is always ready to assist.

Strategic Help from Our DAM

Benefit from the strategic insight of your Dedicated Account Manager (DAM) in the Eon plan. Our DAM provides tailored advice to align Transkribus with your organizational goals, ensuring a personalized and effective transcription strategy.

Exclusive Webinars & Material

As an Eon plan member, gain access to exclusive materials and specialized webinars. These resources are designed to help you maximize your use of Transkribus, facilitate onboarding of other users, and provide insights into advanced features and best practices.

Step 3: Staying in touch

Regular Quarterly Check-ins

Leverage the power of consistent collaboration with our dedicated quarterly check-ins. In these vital sessions, we allocate a full hour every three months to delve into your project’s progress, tackle any emerging challenges, and strategically plan ahead. It’s a dedicated time designed to ensure that your journey with Transkribus is on the right track, adapting and thriving in the dynamic landscape of digital transcription.

Quarterly Q&A Sessions for Eon Plan

In addition to regular check-ins, Eon plan members benefit from two exclusive 30-minute Q&A sessions each quarter. These sessions are an opportunity to ask questions, seek advice, and gain deeper insights into the utilization of Transkribus for your specific needs. It's a chance to interact directly with our experts, ensuring that you're making the most of the platform's capabilities and staying ahead in your digital transcription journey.

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