Digitize Manuscripts and Historical Texts with Transkribus

Leverage the power of artificial intelligence with Transkribus to transform your manuscripts and historical texts into easily searchable, digital assets.

Use Pre-existing AI Models

Apply readily available public AI models, accommodating various writing styles and languages, to seamlessly transcribe your historical texts and manuscripts with Transkribus.

Build Custom AI Models

Train bespoke AI models suited to your specific collection of manuscripts, extracting valuable insights from your historical texts with Transkribus.

Experience It Yourself

Enrich Texts with Metadata

Utilize custom tagging to enrich your manuscripts and historical texts with relevant metadata, enhancing the usability of your digital documents with Transkribus.

Manual Transcriptions with a Robust Editor

Generate high-quality training data and transcribe manuscripts manually using Transkribus' feature-rich web-based editor, boosting the effectiveness of your AI models.

Start Transcribing Manuscripts and Historical Texts with Transkribus

Utilize the power of Transkribus to digitize, annotate and enrich your historical documents. Embark on your journey towards effortless archival research now.