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Realise ambitious research projects

There are already numerous ambitious research projects that have been realised with Transkribus. Some of these projects have relied heavily on the handwriting recognition capabilities of Transkribus to unlock untapped material. Others have decided to provide access to historical documents via a Transkribus Sites website. And then there are research projects that have used the Transkribus platform, along with the ScanTent, to realise large crowdfunding and citizen-science projects.
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Give your researchers and students access to Transkribus

With collaboration as our core principle, our goal is to nurture a network that shares the same vision: improving access to our written past. For this, we try to support students and teachers as much as we can with the Transkribus Scholarship Programme. This programme allows any student or researcher to apply for free credits that can be used in the Transkribus software. In this way, we have already been able to support more than 170 students and teachers.
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Publishing digital scholarly editions

Transkribus Sites is a publishing tool that seamlessly interfaces with Transkribus. You can share entire research collections online with Transkribus Sites. With this solution, it is possible to publicly (but also privately) share research data. This allows other researchers to access the data to conduct further research based on the documents, or to reach a wider audience in the interest of the visibility of research, and the Third Mission. Support researchers in making their work accessible and searchable for others.
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Use Transkribus in your Archive

Leverage the power of Transkribus to unlock your valuable sources.

Tackle large volumes of documents

Letting corpora of documents lay dormant because they are simply too large is a thing of the past. The Transkribus platform is built to handle and process large volumes of documents and makes them accessible for research.

Become a co-owner of Transkribus

You as an institution can become a co-owner of Transkribus and join the network of more that 40 other universities that are already members of the READ-COOP cooperative – numerous benefits await you: voting rights, discounts, business insights, etc.

Use annotation to enrich documents

Text recognition is only the start of what Transkribus can do to open up documents to academia. Enriching documents with metadata significantly increases their usefulness. Help researchers enrich their documents with tags, even automatically.

Benefit from a powerful search

One of the main goals of digitising historical material is providing access to their contents. Enable researchers to easily search documents, taking things even further with Smart Search to get the best search results even when search terms and the recognised words in the text don’t match perfectly.

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