Integrate text recognition into your workflow

Deliver more than just scans. Make use of the highly adaptable and flexible Transkribus platform to strengthen your offering in the digitisation industry.

Handwriting recognition

With Transkribus, you can make use of handwriting recognition based on artificial intelligence. Turn handwriting into digital text without the hassle of manually transcribing word by word. Extremely high-quality recognition of printed material is possible too.

AI customisation

The training feature of Transkribus allows you to train your own custom AI models or to customise existing public models to suit your and your customers’ needs. This way, you can adapt the AI to recognise any kind of handwriting but also printed and typewritten text.

API integration

Transkribus can also be accessed via the metagrapho API. By accessing this simple, lightweight API you can integrate artificial-intelligence handwriting recognition into your own workflow or software.

Batch processing

Transkribus works well on any amount of pages and processing large volumes of documents is highly convenient. Thanks to the powerful infrastructure, even millions of pages can be processed per year.

By integrating Transkribus into your toolset, you will be able to expand your offering. You can vertically integrate the process of digitising and making historical documents accessible. This way, you will be able to offer a more comprehensive service to your customers, many of whom want their material not only scanned but also made accessible nowadays.

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Beat regular OCR

Thanks to the artificial intelligence on which Transkribus is based, you can easily outperform regular OCR. The trainable software lets you create your own custom model for a certain type of writing which will yield much more accurate results than standard OCR, outperforming it by up to a factor of ten. There are a number of public models for printed texts that work for many fonts and alphabets.

Empowering collaboration is the core principle of Transkribus and READ-COOP, the cooperative behind Transkribus. This is also why READ-COOP was not founded as a regular company but as a cooperative. Every person, organisation or institution can become a co-owner of Transkribus and partner up with us to benefit from the power of collaboration, have a say in business decisions, enjoy a high level of transparency, and get access to all products and services at a discount.

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Leverage document understanding

Text recognition is good, document understanding is better. Transkribus not only lets you recognise the text in your and your customers’ documents but also provides a number of trainable tools that support document understanding. Analyse the structure and layout of documents, even tables and forms, and get nicely separated data fields, rows, columns, etc.

Build your own custom workflow

The Transkribus platform comes with a number of tools and services that can be combined but also provide value independently of each other. Be it text recognition, layout analysis, searching tools, annotation features, the metagrapho API or publishing with Transkribus Sites— set up your own personal range of services that you would like to use and/or offer.

Integrate handwritten text recognition into your own workflow

Relying on the metagrapho API allows you to set up your own workflow for turning images of documents into digital text. Be it a large digitisation project or a custom application that needs to have a text recognition step included, the metagrapho API has you covered. Our own application is a good example of such an application. It is built based on the metagrapho API.

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Use Transkribus On-Prem for a completely local environment

Transkribus On-Prem allows you to set up your own digitisation environment for the automatic transcription, layout analysis, and metadata enrichment of documents. You can rely on your own hardware and scale it as needed, and data protection concerns that you or your customers may have can be perfectly addressed.

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