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What is Transkribus Sites?

Transkribus Sites provides an easy and efficient way of publishing your digital documents online, without the need for coding skills or IT resources. Whole digital collections can be shared with either a private group or the general public. The full-text and fuzzy search features allow users to find exactly the information they need, and the digital text and original images of each document can be viewed either in an overlay or side-by-side view.

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Publish documents online

Publish your digital documents with Transkribus Sites and share them with the world.

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Make collections either private or public

Choose whether to share your digital documents with either a private group that can log in, or the general public.

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Search whole digital collections

Transkribus Sites’s full-text and fuzzy search features make it easy for users to find what they are looking for, despite typos, errors in the full text, or spelling variants.

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Access documents from your desktop or mobile device

Users can view collections from their desktop computer or their mobile device without compromising on user experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No: Transkribus Sites ties in seamlessly with your Transkribus collections and all documents contained in them are available for publication via Transkribus Sites.

Yes, you can continue to work on your collection and any changes that you make will be reflected in Transkribus Sites once you publish then on your Transkribus Site.

Yes, it is. We’ll be happy to customise your Transkribus Sites in terms of visual appearance. Also customisations in technical terms are possible but need to be discussed and quoted individually.

Yes, they can.

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