Digitize and Analyze Newspapers with Transkribus

Harness the power of Transkribus' advanced AI for high-accuracy OCR and complex layout recognition. Bring historical newspapers to life in the digital domain.

Outperform Regular OCR

Benefit from Transkribus' AI-based OCR, providing superior accuracy compared to regular OCR techniques, especially when dealing with aged or deteriorated newspaper prints.

Segment Complex Newspaper Layouts

Transkribus can handle the intricate layout of newspapers, segmenting them into readable and organized sections for better comprehension and analysis.

Experience the Difference

Train Models for Specific Layouts

Train AI models to recognize specific newspaper layouts. This can dramatically improve accuracy and efficiency when dealing with newspapers of the same or similar layout.

Enhance Searchability of Newspaper Data

Digitized newspaper data becomes searchable and more accessible, boosting media research and historical studies.

Start Transcribing Newspapers with Transkribus

Embrace the advanced capabilities of Transkribus to digitize, segment, and analyze newspapers. Start your journey towards accessible and research-friendly newspaper data today.