Create custom AI models for handwriting and text recognition

Transkribus allows you to create custom AI models, specifically trained for recognising the handwriting in your documents.

Accurate handwriting & layout recognition

No coding skills needed

Powerful infrastructure

Easy training process

How it works

Prepare your training data

Before starting the training of a text recognition model, you need to prepare the Ground Truth data, i.e. the images and the corresponding accurate transcriptions on which the model will learn. Public models are your best friend here.

Start the training

Once you have a sufficient amount of training data (20-30 pages) you can make you first training run. Transkribus will use your training data to learn the writing and will come up with a model that can recognise exactly your material.

Use and refine

Once the first version of your model is ready, you can use it right away. In many cases this first version is already very good. But you can also produce more training data by recognising and correcting more materail with your new model.

150 000+

Registered Users

20 000+

HTR AI Models trained

50+ Million

Pages processed


Free Public AI Models

Train a model for your material

Transkribus provides you with all the tools you need to produce the training data for your custom AI model. You can also save time by importing pre-transcribed documents as training data.

Evaluate the performance of your models

There are a number of tools that help you understand the error rates of your models and how it compares to other models, so you can find the right model for your documents.

Collaborate and share

Some things cannot be done alone. That’s why Transkribus allows you to work collaboratively on training data and share your models with colleagues or even the whole Transkribus community.

Quickly produce training data

Instead of typing out the whole training material by hand, run your documents through a pre-trained public model and then correct the transcriptions to generate training data for your custom AI model more efficiently.

Start unlocking the past with Transkribus

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