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OCR for Handwritten Documents

Transkribus offers cutting-edge OCR technology for converting handwritten documents into digital text, supporting a wide range of historical and modern scripts.

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How Handwriting OCR Transforms Documents

Accurate Text Extraction

Utilize AI-powered OCR to accurately read and convert handwriting into searchable, editable text.

Enhanced Editing and Correction

Edit and refine OCR outputs with our transcription editor to ensure high-quality document conversion.

Custom OCR Model Training

Train custom models tailored to your specific document types for even better recognition accuracy.

Advanced Search Capabilities

Easily search and retrieve information from your digitized documents using powerful search tools.

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The Science Behind Handwriting OCR

Discover how Transkribus uses advanced AI to decipher and digitalize handwritten texts from any era, making them accessible for analysis and archiving.

Revolutionizing Document Management

Transform your handwritten archives into a digital format that's easy to manage, search, and share.

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