Make the unique content of your library accessible

Use the Transkribus platform to bring your library’s content to the digital world.

Many libraries are co-owners of Transkribus

Digitise newspapers, early or rare prints, and codices

Transkribus provides a quick and easy way to create digital versions of your rare or unique holdings, and any other written media. Using powerful AI models, the platform extracts both printed and handwritten text from scanned images and turns it into digital text files. This means high-quality digital access to newspapers, books, and manuscripts that only your institution has.

Create a scanning station for your visitors

Our ScanTents provide a hassle-free way to equip your visitors with state-of-the-art scanning facilities. The portable tents have built-in LED lighting that won’t harm your books and documents, and a stability mount, allowing your visitors to take high-quality images of documents with just their smartphones—no need for expensive book scanners that you need to teach your visitors how to use.
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Enrich your content with metadata

Give your visitors an enhanced reading experience. Using metadata and tags, you—or researchers—can mark important parts of your digital text, such as names or places, —so it is easier for readers visiting your library, offline or online, to find what they are looking for.
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Publish your content

Share your digital holdings with the world via the Transkribus Sites platform. Transkribus Sites makes it possible to publish entire digital collections online, which can then be viewed privately or publicly, in-house or on the web, depending on your needs.
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Use Transkribus in your library

Leverage the power of Transkribus to unlock your valuable sources.