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Unlock entire archives with Transkribus

The purpose of the Transkribus platform is simple: providing the tools to make historical documents accessible. With the help of artificial intelligence and a powerful infrastructure, Transkribus is made for processing large volumes of archival documents. Until now it has been virtually impossible to access the entire data of an archive without enormous effort—Transkribus allows anyone to unlock our historical records.
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Digitising? The ScanTent has got you covered

To access the textual data in historical documents, you first need to digitise them. With the ScanTent we offer a highly portable and cost-effective solution for high-quality scans. You can set up a ScanTent in your reading room within minutes. No need to worry about bad lighting conditions or expensive book scanners that you continually need to explain to your visitors how to use. With the ScanTent and the DocScan app you or your visitors can rapidly scan documents—provided they are not restricted documents—directly in the archive using their own smartphones, without needing to operate complicated and costly machinery. Anyone coming to the archive will love you for having a few ScanTents ready for them.
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Provide accessibility to your archive

For hundreds of years, accessing the content of an archive was a demanding and time-consuming task. Accessing archival materials was a privilege that was not made use of by many people—daunted even by the task of working with the available handwritten finding aids such as inventories. With Transkribus and Transkribus Sites, you can change this. Once your holdings have been prepared and processed with Transkribus—we offer this as a service and you won’t need to lift a finger— you can make it available on the web with Transkribus Sites or on restricted local machines directly at your institution.
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Use Transkribus in your Archive

Leverage the power of Transkribus to unlock your valuable sources.

Support your staff

Instead of sending someone to a shelf dozens of times a day to look for records for a visitor that they are not allowed to access directly due to restrictions, enable your team to search your holdings right from their desk.

Empower your visitors

Provide your visitors with digital access to your archival material and enable them to find what they are looking for directly. Providing a powerful search facility to your users, be it through offline computers in your institution’s reading room or through online access, significantly boosts the usefulness of the service you provide, and the way you are perceived by the general public.

Reduce “can you help me to read this?” requests

Archivists are the custodians of our written past. Help your visitors to read the content of your documents with the help of AI text recognition instead of letting them distract your team from their important work preserving and organising historical records.

Be the best collective memory you can be

The role of archival institutions as part of the collective memory of a society cannot be overstated. You are the guardians of political accountability and historical transparency. Transkribus helps you fulfil this role like never before, creating a happy and successful experience for both your staff and your visitors through vastly improved access to documents.

Start unlocking the past with Transkribus

Leverage the power of Transkribus to get the most out of your historical documents.