Create high-quality scans: ScanTent + Transkribus DocScan

The ScanTent and Transkribus DocScan are a powerful duo for creating reliable and high-quality scans of documents with your own phone.

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Quick and easy setup

Seamless integration with Transkribus

Auto mode for rapid scanning

Compatible with any smartphone

Create a scanning station at your library and archive

The ScanTent is ideal for cost-efficient, self-service scanning stations at your library or archive. Just set up the ScanTent and anyone can use it to scan books or documents with their own smartphones.

Make high-quality scans on the go

With a setup time of just minutes, the ScanTent lets you build a high-quality scanning environment wherever you need it. This is ideal for short-term digitisation projects or for scanning in places with poor lighting and equipment.

Quickly set up multiple scanning stations

Buying and operating just a single conventional book scanner is cost intensive and slow. Setting up multiple ScanTents is fast and cost-effective as you can create multiple high-quality scanning stations in one place. This makes it quicker to scan large amounts of documents and is particularly useful for crowdsourcing projects.
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Low-light environments? Not a problem

Better quality scans result in better quality transcriptions. The ScanTent comes with a built-in mount for stability and LED lighting for high-quality scans no matter where you are.

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