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Using the power of AI, the Transkribus handwriting recognition software can be trained to decipher handwritten historical documents and printed texts.

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Recognise handwritten, typewritten, and printed documents

Transkribus isn't only for handwritten texts, but printed ones too—and it is more exact than conventional optical character recognition (OCR). Especially printed material poorly stored on microfilm, or badly scanned images, or typewritten texts—all of them highly problematic for classic OCR—can now be recognised with ten times the accuracy.

Save time and resources with public AI models

Use a pre-trained AI model to transcribe a large amount of documents in a small amount of time, or take one as a starting point for your own custom AI model. These models were trained by the Transkribus community or by the Transkribus team.

Process large amounts of documents

Transkribus is designed for working with datasets of any size, small and large ones. Collections that were inaccessible before can now be read, searched, and prepared for further applications such as research, data analyses, or publishing.

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Leverage the power of Transkribus to get the most out of your historical documents.