Take Tabular Data to the Next Level

Explore the cutting-edge Table Models in Transkribus, designed to master complex layouts with unmatched precision. Unlock the full potential of historical document analysis with our customizable, trainable layout technology.

Enhanced Layout Recognition

Transkribus Table Models bring a new level of accuracy in recognizing table layouts, even those with irregular formats. This advancement ensures comprehensive data extraction from complex documents.

Customizable and Trainable

Tailor the Table Models to fit various document formats. Adapt to layout changes effortlessly, customizing how tables are recognized and data is extracted. Train specialised models to discern columns, rows, headers, and data cells. Elevate your document understanding, recognise ditto signs, mixed data types within the same cell, multi-line rows etc.

Efficiency with Precision

Our Table Models require less training data while delivering greater precision, making the digitization process more efficient and user-friendly.

Start unlocking the past with Transkribus

Leverage the power of Transkribus to get the most out of your historical documents.