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Extract Text from Images with Transkribus

Transkribus enables you to convert image files containing handwritten notes into readable and editable text. This technology supports both archival historical documents and contemporary writings.

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How Transkribus helps you to extract text from images

Decipher text in images with AI-powered recognition

Automatically detect and transcribe text from scanned images and photos of documents, using advanced AI models tailored for various handwriting styles.

Manually transcribe and correct recognition errors

Utilize the transcription editor to manually transcribe texts from images or correct any inaccuracies resulting from automatic recognition.

Train your own AI models for specific handwriting

Develop customized AI models that are finely tuned to the specific characteristics of the handwriting found in your images.

Search through your transcribed images

Once converted to text, use Transkribus’s search capabilities to find specific words or phrases across your document collections.

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How Transkribus works

Transkribus is a software that uses artificial intelligence to 'learn' how to accurately extract and interpret text from various image formats. It is trained with a large dataset of manually transcribed images to create a robust model capable of understanding a wide range of handwriting styles.

About Image to Text Conversion

Transkribus bridges the gap between historical and modern document analysis by converting images of handwritten texts into editable formats. This enables easy access to historical documents for research and preserves cultural heritage for future generations.

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