Understanding Transkribus Credits

Everything you need to know about the tokens that power your recognition tasks in Transkribus.
Transkribus Credits are like digital tokens used to run various recognition jobs within Transkribus. Whether you need to recognize handwritten text or analyze tables, these credits make it possible. Let's dive into how they work.

How Credits are Consumed

Transkribus Credits are the vital medium for utilizing various recognition jobs, including text, layout, fields, and tables within Transkribus. These credits enable you to perform the necessary jobs for your documents, making the process streamlined and efficient. If you're on an organizational plan and using the Metagrapho API, you'll benefit from an automatic 50% reduction in credits consumed per page. Explore the table below to understand how credits are consumed for different jobs and see how you can maximize your work with Transkribus!
Recognition TypeCredit Consumption
Handwritten Text + Lines
1 credit
Printed Text + Lines
0.5 Credits
Lines Recognition
0.5 Credits
Tables Recognition
1 Credit
Fields Recognition
1 Credit
API Discount Factor

Subscriptions and Addon Credits

Transkribus offers various subscription options to cater to different needs. The quantity of credits is dependent on the plan you choose, and you have the flexibility to choose which credits to use. Below is an overview of the different subscription types, their expiry, speed, and sharing capabilities. Choose the one that best fits your requirements and maximize your work with Transkribus!
ConsumptionExpirySpeedCan be Shared?
Individual AllowanceMonthly or AnnuallyRegularNo
Scholar AllowanceMonthly or AnnuallyAdvancedNo
Organisational AllowanceMonthly or AnnuallyAdvancedYes
Add-OnNo ExpiryAdvancedYes
Transfered (To user or collection)Based on Original CreditsAdvancedYes

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