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Use Transkribus to transcribe, decipher, and digitize your historic Dutch texts. Use public AI models or train your own custom model for unrivalled accuracy.

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How Transkribus Supports Your Dutch Manuscripts Decoding

Decipher Dutch Scripts with Ease

Transkribus is adaptable to any Dutch period or script. From Middle Dutch manuscripts to modern letters, from Gothic script to contemporary handwriting, Transkribus provides the flexibility to handle any type of Dutch text.

Train Your Custom Model for Unmatched Precision

A standout feature of Transkribus is the ability to train your custom model. This ensures that no matter how unique or complex your documents are, you can teach Transkribus to read them with precision.

Available Public Models

Not sure where to begin? Browse our list of publicly available models for Dutch, offering a range of options for different scripts and periods. Find the perfect match for your transcription project, or use these models as a foundation for training your own.

A Comprehensive Solution for Historians, Archivists, and Dutch Scholars

Transkribus is an innovative digital platform designed for historians, archivists, Dutch scholars, and anyone with an interest in digitising Dutch texts. With a variety of publicly available AI models, Transkribus allows you to recognise your material quickly and efficiently, doing away with the need for manual transcription.

Take Advantage of Additional Features to Enhance Your Research

With extra features like field models for recognising the structure and layout of documents and Transkribus Sites for sharing your material, Transkribus stands as the complete solution for your historical document needs.

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