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Leverage Transkribus to transcribe, decipher, and digitize your old French texts. Utilize public AI models or train your own custom model for unparalleled precision.

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How Transkribus transforms your French scripts interpretation

Effortlessly Decipher Historical French Scripts

Transkribus accommodates any French period or script. From medieval manuscripts to Enlightenment era letters or elegant French cursive, Transkribus offers the versatility to handle any form of historical French text.

Train your custom model for exceptional precision

A defining feature of Transkribus is its ability to train your custom model. This ensures no matter how unique or complex your documents are, you can instruct Transkribus to accurately interpret them.

Available Public Models

Unsure where to begin? Explore our list of publicly available models for French, offering diverse options for different scripts and periods. Discover the ideal fit for your transcription project, or use these models as a starting point for training your own.

A comprehensive solution for researchers and archivists

Transkribus is a state-of-the-art digital platform intended for researchers, archivists, and all with an interest in digitizing historical French texts. With a variety of publicly available AI models, Transkribus enables swift and efficient material recognition, eliminating the need for laborious manual transcription.

Benefit from added features to elevate your research

With additional features like field models for discerning the structure and layout of documents and Transkribus Sites for sharing your material, Transkribus serves as a complete solution for your historical document needs.

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