Host Transkribus your way, with Transkribus On-Prem

Process documents on your own infrastructure without them leaving your institution.

What is Transkribus On-Prem?

Transkribus On-Prem gives you the ability to host the Transkribus workflow on your organisation’s premises, in your own environment. This allows you to use existing or new dedicated infrastructure and never let the data leave your servers. Images will be processed locally. The only data sent to the Transkribus servers is statistical in nature and for licensing purposes—and even this can be done without internet access.
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Integrate powerful handwritten-text-recognition technology into your local infrastructure

No need to worry about data leaving your infrastructure. Everything stays under your control. No cloud that you have to trust. No vendor-related data protection headaches for your organisation.
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Use the full power of Transkribus

You can use the same handwritten text recognition technology as in the Transkribus platform. Process millions of images just the way you want.

Custom pricing

We know: no two projects are completely alike. Therefore we can offer you pricing options that exactly fit the needs of your projects.

Use custom AI text-recognition models trained by you or your team

As opposed to large cloud providers, even ones that offer some sort of on-premises solution, Transkribus On-Prem enables you to train specific text-recognition models that fit exactly your handwritten, typewritten, or printed documents. You decide what the software will be able to process, not the service provider. Ideal for material in historical and/or under-resourced languages and scripts—and you retain ownership of and access to your data the whole time.

Process images at even higher speeds

The Transkribus infrastructure is already quite powerful, but is used by a large number of people. Maybe you have your own powerful infrastructure and want to use it for text recognition, or to set up dedicated servers in the future. With Transkribus On-Prem, you can do this. Your infrastructure is the limit when it comes to processing speed. Internet network overhead, latencies, and bandwidth shortages are a thing of the past.

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