Frequently asked questions about our new subscription plans

Yes, Transkribus will remain free.

As part of our commitment to continuously improving and adapting to the diverse needs of our users, we are excited to announce a new pricing system that offers more flexibility, better value, and tailored solutions for a wide variety of use cases.

Our new pricing system introduces three subscription-based plans: ‘Individual’, ‘Scholar’, and ‘Organisation’. Each plan is designed to cater to the specific needs of a wide range of users such as genealogists, private collectors, individual researchers, and organisations and memory institutions such as archives, libraries, and museums. Each of them has their own unique, individual set of requirements which goes beyond just the segment they belong to. The new system is highly adaptable and also maintains a free option with the core features of Transkribus and provides the ability to purchase on-demand credit packages for handling spikes in demand. Also, you are able to unlock the complete processing allowance of a whole year instead of a monthly quota by choosing an annual instead of a monthly billing schedule. On top of the flexibility you gain for large projects in this way, this option comes at a discount equal to one free month per year.

Why the change?

In our new pricing model, we focus on providing better value to active users. We are shifting to fairer monetisation, placing importance on the functionality and usefulness of our services over sheer usage quantity. This is the next step in further improving the community-oriented, high-quality services Transkribus is known for.

The updated model also enables more customised and sustainable solutions. This change is designed to foster the platform’s long-term growth and development, ensuring that Transkribus continues to provide unique services while evolving to meet also future needs of our users.

To learn more about the new pricing system, including a detailed breakdown of the plans, features, and allowances, please visit our dedicated information page on our new website:

Thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to providing you with an even better experience through our new pricing system, and support you in making the most of Transkribus.

Questions & Answers

Yes. The individual plan with the core features of Transkribus will remain free. Plus, all users will receive 100 free credits a month.

The new subscription plans will be available from 10 January 2024.

We offer a 6-month transition period for accounts exceeding storage limits, with no immediate need to delete files. We're exploring solutions for more efficient data formats like converting uncompressed TIFF to JPG.

Your credits will remain available without restrictions; they can be utilised as usual for any tools.

Members have access to all features, receive a 10% discount on plans and services, and a discounted ticket to the annual Transkribus User Conference.

Organisational plans include user seats for team member access. Institutional members can add up to 15 associates, all having access to Transkribus features regardless of their plan.

There is no immediate action required on your part. Our customer success team will reach out to you, at which point you can decide whether to maintain your existing subscription or switch to a new plan.

Yes, using the metagrapho API will consume only 50% of the credits compared to the user interface.

Access to the metagrapho API will be limited to the Organisation plans.

Yes, you can purchase on-demand credit packages in addition to your subscription for processing larger amounts of pages in a short timeframe.

Yes, we offer an annual billing option with an attractive discount and the ability to access the full year's processing allowance at once.

Yes, for annual payments, we offer an invoice option, where upon payment, the subscription will be activated for the designated period.

One credit will not exceed the processing of one page. For handwritten material, the ratio is 1 credit = 1 page, while for printed material it's 0.5 credits = 1 page. Using the metagrapho API, even fewer credits are consumed. For more details, visit our pricing page.