Scan entire books easily and efficiently with the DocScan app

The DocScan app helps you quickly scan entire books by automatically taking a picture every time you turn a page.


What is the DocScan app?

DocScan is a mobile app that helps you take high-quality pictures of books, newspapers, manuscripts, and any other type of document. It is available for both Android and iOS and is the ideal complement for our ScanTent. DocScan recognises when you turn the page of a book and automatically takes a photo, making it possible to scan whole books quickly without needing to have three hands.

Scan documents & books

Use your own smartphone

Seamless Transkribus upload

Take pictures of documents

The DocScan app allows you to generate high-quality images of text documents using just your smartphone. It also works very well in combination with the ScanTent.

Scan entire books quickly

DocScan’s automatic series mode takes a picture everytime you turn a page—without you having to press a button in between. This is ideal for scanning whole books in a short time.

Upload images directly to Transkribus

Thanks to its seamless integration with the Transkribus platform, you can upload images stored in the DocScan app straight to Transkribus and immediately start the handwriting recognition process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can.

All features but Handwritten Text Recognition (HTR) are free in Transkribus. Since Handwritten Text Recognition is an intense computing task, we have established a credit system. Credit consumption is based on two factors: the chosen HTR engine (PyLaia or HTR+) and the material (handwritten or printed).
For instance, if you want to transcribe 120 pages of handwritten material with a PyLaia-trained model, you need 120 credits, which corresponds to €18 or less if you are a member or have an active subscription. If you work on printed material, with 120 credits you can automatically recognise 720 pages.
Every user gets 500 free credits upon setting up a Transkribus account. To buy credit packages or calculate how many credits you will need, visit the Credits page on our website. Credits don’t expire, except for the 300-credit monthly subscription package.

Yes, the DocScan app can flatten and crop images hassle-free.

Yes, it is.

The DocScan app has a serial mode which takes a picture every time you flip the page.

Yes, you can upload your images directly to your own Transkribus account.

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