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Transkribus does the bulk of the transcription work for you, so you can focus on the challenging and interesting parts of your project.

Train your own AI models

Use public AI models

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Many universities are co-owners of Transkribus

Create a custom AI model for your project

Train a custom AI model that is tailored to the language and handwriting of your specific documents. That way, you can simply run all your documents through Transkribus and receive very accurate automatic transcriptions at the click of a button.
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Search quickly through whole collections

Annotating your documents with Transkribus significantly improves the searchability of your material. With the Smart Search feature, you can even find search terms when they are misspelled, contain recognition errors, or are spelling variants. This is especially handy for finding names or places as they are often spelled in a peculiar way and therefore hard to recognise for Transkribus.
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Use metadata to enrich your text

Enrich your documents with tags and metadata, marking names, places, important sections, and any other information. You can also teach Transkribus to assign tags automatically.
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Export your results to many formats

Transkribus allows you to export your work to many different formats, including PDF, DOCX, and plain TXT. You can also create TEI-compliant XML files, making it easy to share collections and collaborate with other academic researchers.
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