Integrate Transkribus in your ecosystem

Access Transkribus through the metagrapho API or Transkribus On-Prem and build your own apps and workflows based on the Transkribus AI platform.

Send image, get text: metagrapho API

The concept of the metagrapho API is simple: send an image to our API and get the automatically transcribed text back in XML or JSON format.
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By relying on our lightweight metagrapho API for handwriting recognition, you can focus on developing your own apps and software. You are the expert in your field, we provide you with an easy way of integrating HTR technology into your product or service.

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Transkribus On-Prem: Work with your data locally

With Transkribus On-Prem we also offer a solution that has one primary goal: data protection. We know from experience that there are a number of scenarios where documents or their contents must not be transferred beyond the confines of an institution or a country. In such cases, Transkribus On-Prem allows you to run your own local instance of Transkribus which can be operated completely offline, helping you ensure the highest standards of data protection.
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Integrate handwritten text recognition into your own workflow

Relying on the metagrapho API allows you to set up your own workflow for turning images of documents into digital text. Be it a large digitisation project or a custom application that needs to have a text recognition step included, the metagrapho API has you covered. Our own application is a good example of such an application. It is built based on the metagrapho API.

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Use Transkribus On-Prem for a completely local environment

Transkribus On-Prem allows you to set up your own digitisation environment for the automatic transcription, layout analysis, and metadata enrichment of documents. You can rely on your own hardware and scale it as needed, and data protection concerns that you or your customers may have can be perfectly addressed.

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