Intelligent document processing with the power of AI

Transkribus enables you to intelligently process your documents and recognise their layout and structure, and the text contained in them.

Leverage handwriting recognition

The handwriting recognition in Transkribus lets you recognise handwriting and printed text.

Detect the structure of your documents

Layout analysis enables you to recognise the layout and structure of your documents.

Train your own AI models

The training features let you train models for recognising layout, e.g. of tables and forms, and handwritten text.

Build your own workflow

The feature-rich and high-interoperability platform lets you build your own workflow, be it manual or API-based.

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Free Public AI Models

Tackle historical documents like never before

Transkribus is designed to process historical documents, be they handwritten, typewritten, or printed. But the platform handles contemporary handwritten and printed documents with ease too.
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No-code user interface

Transkribus is a browser-based platform with no need to have coding skills for training your own AI models. You can easily edit, correct, and automatically process your documents without writing a line of code.
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Adapt the AI to your needs

You can access more than 140 public AI models in Transkribus that work for a large variety of different languages, text styles, and handwritings. You can also adapt the AI of Transkribus to your own needs. Simply use public models to get a rough transcription of your documents to correct it afterwards and train your own custom AI model with Transkribus. The platform is built to leverage the knowledge of experts on historical documents, i.e., your knowledge, to train your own text and layout recognition AI models, and bring exactly your documents to the digital age.
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Document understanding with AI

The Transkribus platform enables you to leverage the power of AI to identify the various parts of your documents. Train your own models to recognise headings, data fields on forms and index cards, page numbers, footnotes, marginalia, etc. Take your information extraction workflow to the next level.
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Start unlocking the past with Transkribus

Leverage the power of Transkribus to get the most out of your historical documents.