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Transkribus reads Kurrent, Sütterlin and modern manuscripts for you.

Transcribing Sütterlin script with Transkribus

Transkribus helps you to translate old letters, documents and chronicles from Sütterlin into readable text. The Transkribus software enables you to transcribe Sütterlin automatically with the help of AI.

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How Transkribus helps you to translate Kurrent, Sütterlin, Fraktur or Antiqua into text

Decode Sütterlin with AI-supported text recognition

Automatically recognize your Sütterlin documents and convert them into normal text. Transkribus helps you to convert Kurrent, Sütterlin and Fraktur scripts from the 17th, 18th, 19th and 20th centuries. There are a number of publicly available artificial intelligence models that you can use.

Manual transcription and correction of automatic translations

You can use the transcription editor to manually transcribe Sütterlin script or correct transcription errors in the automatic transcription. The results of the automatic transcription may vary depending on the handwriting and the quality of the material.

Train your own AI text recognition models

You can also train special text recognition models that are able to accurately recognize the handwriting of your material.

Search in your Sütterlin documents

With Transkribus you can search your documents by name and keyword and you also have advanced search options

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Free public AI models

How Transkribus works

Transkribus is software that uses artificial intelligence to learn how to read Sütterlin script. To do this, the software first had to be trained with a series of pages that had been transcribed manually. This so-called "ground truth" enables Transkribus to understand and read the Sütterlin script.

The German Giant I model, for example, has been trained with more than 15 million words from many different handwritings. You can use this and other trained AI models to automatically recognize your Kurrent, Sütterlin or Fraktur documents and convert them into normal text.

If you are able and willing to transcribe around 50 pages yourself, you can also train your own AI model. Your own model will then be able to recognize the exact handwriting you are working with.

About Sütterlin

Sütterlin script was the predominant script in the German-speaking world from the 16th to the beginning of the 20th century. It is not surprising that there are still millions of unexplored historical documents written in Sütterlin. With the help of Transkribus, it is now possible to make a large number of Sütterlin documents accessible to the public [or for private use]. By using one of the public models or your own model, thousands of Sütterlin documents can be automatically converted into text.

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