Want to contribute to TUC22? The deadline has just been extended!

The Trankribus User Conference is back! This year, we are once again hosting a live event in Innsbruck, packed full of workshops and presentations, not to mention the chance to meet Transkribus users from all over the globe. 

Like every year, you have the chance to present at TUC22 on a topic of your choice. Past topics have included crowd-sourcing, structure recognition, research on various periods, as well as various new Transkribus features. And if you want to get involved in this year’s TUC, then it’s not too late! We have just extended the deadline for contributions to 15 June, so there is still time to send us your ideas. But we recommend reading this blog post first, to find out everything you need to know about contributing to the TUC22.

What is the TUC?

The Transkribus User Conference is our annual meetup for the global Transkribus community.  With a two-day programme of talks and workshops, TUC is an excellent way to expand your Transkribus skills, discover the latest research projects and get to know Trankribus users from around the world. There will also be dinners, coffee breaks and a fantastic mountain hike to enjoy too.

But what makes TUC particularly special is that it is organised by Transkribus users, for Transkribus users. Each year, we invite researchers, archivists, students, and other users to contribute their ideas for workshops, talks and presentations during the conference. All the proposals are reviewed and the users who submit the best ideas then get to present at the TUC. 

How can I contribute?

First, you need to think of a topic, one that is useful and/or interesting to other Transkribus users. Perhaps you have a particularly unique way of training models or a good system for collaborating remotely on the same project. Maybe you’ve just embarked on a fascinating research project. It doesn’t matter if you are a complete beginner or a Transkribus expert, what matters is that your topic is interesting and teaches other users something new about Transkribus.

Once you have your topic, then you need to decide on a format.

What kinds of formats are there?

There will be several types of session formats during the conference. Here is a quick overview:

Presentations — These are standard presentations of 20 mins plus 10 mins Q+A. They can be on any aspect of Transkribus, from technical challenges to philosophical discussions.

Scholarship Presentations — These shorter presentations of 10 mins plus 5 mins Q+A give Transkribus scholarship recipients the chance to present their research projects. Five presenters will be chosen and each will receive 10,000 credits as a reward.

Workshops — Share your Transkribus skills with the community. TUC workshops can be on any technical aspect of Transkribus and for any skill level: beginner, intermediate, or advanced. Each workshop lasts approximately 1-2 hours.

Lightning Talks — Want to contribute but don’t have the resources for a full workshop or presentation? In a lightning talk of 5 mins plus 5 mins Q+A, you can present the most important aspects of your research and get instant feedback from other users.

Poster Presentations — Create an A1- or A2-sized poster about your research or project, hang it in the hallway and let other interested users come to you with their questions. It also helps to prepare a quick elevator pitch too.

How do I contribute a topic?

You should send us your contribution in the form of an academic abstract. If you are a researcher, you probably already have an abstract prepared for your project. If you are not a researcher, the University of Edinburgh has an excellent guide, including examples.

The length of your abstract will depend on which format you wish to contribute. Visit our main TUC page to find out more.

I’m just a PhD student, can I still contribute something?

Yes, of course! Every user is welcome to contribute to the TUC, no matter if you’re a prize-winning professor, a professional archivist, an amateur historian or a student. What is important is that your topic is interesting and beneficial to others.

How can I submit a contribution?

All contributions should be submitted online via the main TUC22 page.

When do you need my contribution by?

The good news is that we have just extended the deadline for contributions until 15 June. We will then read through all the abstracts and let you know if your contribution has been accepted by the 15th of July.

Still have questions? Then please feel free to contact us at info@readcoop.eu.

We look forward to reading your contributions!

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