+ Join READ and Transkribus at Bibliotheca Baltica conference

Registration is now open for an upcoming libraries conference where you’ll be able to hear from some of the READ project partners and see how Handwritten Text Recognition technology is being applied to a diverse range of historical collections.

Bibliotheca Baltica is an international association of libraries situated close to the Baltic sea.  Since 1992 the group has met regularly to ensure the preservation and promotion of Baltic cultural heritage.

The next conference will take place in northern Germany at the University of Rostock (one of the READ project partners) on 4-5 October 2018.  The theme of the conference is ‘Innovative technologies for Libraries, Archives and Research Communities’.  The proceedings will include Transkribus workshops and a keynote lecture from Guenter Muehlberger, the coordinator of the READ project.  Other speakers from various European libraries and archives will also share insights from their work with digital tools.

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