Try out the Transkribus Next Gen Desk on our Beta

Transkribus Desk is where the work happens. 

We are thrilled to offer you a sneak peek into the future of Transkribus with the availability of the Transkribus Next Gen Desk on It is now live for you to give it a try. This is the first step towards the new generation of Transkribus. The aim is to simplify and enhance your work at the same time. Here is what you can expect:

A Simplified and Intuitive Experience

Focusing more on simplicity, we have revamped the UI in Next Gen to make it more intuitive and familiar. The primary navigation is now at the top, containing all necessary features and functions in one place. Collections and document cards have all been redesigned for easy identification and use.

Enhanced Customisability

In Transkribus Next Gen, you are in the driver’s seat. We are giving you more control over the software, allowing you to tailor it to your specific needs. Choose between card and table views, adjust the settings, decide the information you want to see, and more. This customisation is designed to help you work more effectively and comfortably.

Improved Search and Filter Functions

Finding what you need is easier and faster than ever with our upgraded search and filter functions, inspired by leading platforms like Amazon. Set different facets, filters, and refine your search to save time and effort.

We are excited for you to explore the first impression of Transkribus Next Gen and eagerly look forward to your feedback.

Coming soon: Models, Sites & Connect

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Transkribus Sites is where the show happens.

Transkribus Connect is where the exchange happens.

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