+ Watch presentations from our ‘Digital Toolbox’ Conference

On 10 October 2016, we asked researchers, archivists and curators to discuss ‘What should be in your Digital Toolbox?’ at our conference in London.  This event was organised by the Linnean Society (part of the READ MOU network) and the Bentham Project at University College London (one of the READ partners).  Videos and slides of the speakers’ presentations are now available.

Networking in the Linnean Society Library [Image by Louise Seaward]
Networking in the Linnean Society Library [Image by Louise Seaward]
There was a great exchange of ideas on the day, both in person and on Twitter, about the best means of extracting data from complex handwritten and printed records.  You can now get a flavour of what went on through the videos and slides below.

Professor Melissa Terras (University College London), If you teach a computer to READ: Transcribe Bentham, Transkribus, and Handwriting Technology Recognition 

Dr Günter Mühlberger (University of Innsbruck), Transkribus as a Toolkit for text Recognition, Transcription and Information Extraction 

Dr Roger Labahan (University of Rostock), Key concepts of Handwritten Text Recognition

Dr Mia Ridge (The British Library), The Art of Work in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction

Professor James Loxley (University of Edinburgh), Lines of Enquiry: Reordering Edinburgh’s Literary History

Dr Elspeth Haston (Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh), Automating Label Data Capture from Natural History Specimens

Alison Harding and Lisa Cardy (Natural History Museum/Biodiversity Heritage Library), Unlocking Biodiversity Data @ The Biodiversity Heritage Library 

Dr Victoria Van Hyning (University of Oxford/Zooniverse), Metadata Extraction and Full Text Transcription on the Zooniverse Platform


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